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My friends and I stood there at the TGV Counter, stunned with what we had just done - we had just gambled 14 bucks on a Cantonese film. If my memory serves me correctly, the last non-Malay/English film that I caught on the big screen was Me...Myself, a 2007 Thai romantic drama film starred by the the tall, dark and handsome Ananda Everingham. But Cantonese film? Boy it was back in 2006, Rob-B-Hood to be exact, starred by Jackie Chan and Louis Koo. Simply put: it has been absolute years. And had it not been due to the fact that I had watched most of the films now showing on cinema, I wouldn't have gambled on a Cantonese movie.

And I would have missed one really, really good local film.

As in my previous entries written on films, I won't even attempt to peel off the film layer after layer, or to criticize and comment on the actings and things like that. As I have stated a little too frequent, I'm just an avid movie-goer who loves to see movies and know that my money has been worth spent on. And this is exactly the movie that even if I were asked to pay 18 bucks, I would not even think twice.

I do not want to spoil anything, since I believe most of you have not seen it. After all, the movie just debuted on the big screen on last Wednesday. But if there's something worth spoiling, it would be the fact that you would love, love and just love it. Imagine this, the moment we stepped into the cinema, it was all clear to my friends and I that we were the only non-Chinese watching it. Even as we were scurrying to get settled on our seats, we could feel questioning eyes following us. Left, right, front and back, we were cornered by Chinese crowd.

And to add to that oddity, the three of us laughed the loudest throughout.

Oh boy, it's a wonderful, wonderful movie. There's a strong cultural element in it that would be appealing to those who appreciate our one of a kind diversity. As one of the lines in the film goes "1 Malaysia, mah!". And in case you haven't noticed, Afdlin Shauki is up there on the poster! The script has clearly been given well thoughts, as it comes out authentic and so very close and dear to our heart. And there's this magnificent accomplishment in cinematography in the film. If only more, more and more local films are like this.

But of course, nothing compares to a film woven with messages. Although the film is about an odyssey of a mother and a son going back for Reunion Dinner on the Chinese New Year's eve and all the incidents that they encounter on the way, the messages are uniquely universal and thus it caters to all audience regardless the difference that we have in colours.

If you want a vibrant, 'upside-down' film that does not involve hideous ghosts, loud gun fire and amorous smooching and snuggling acts, give this movie a go. It promises thunderous laughter, mind-blowing stunts, a rare tinge of patriotism and beautiful heart-tugging scenes. 14 bucks may sound a little over the budget, but like I said, give it a go. Have a little faith in this one rare local film. Be afraid not.

Even if you are the only Malay sitting in the cinema, accompanied by a small cup of coke and popcorn, and hundreds of disbelieving eyes :)

On the scale: 4.5/5

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Comparable quality to Singporean's 'I-Not-Stupid'?

Aziz said...
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Aziz said...

I haven't watched that one, Im.
So naturally, I'm not in the position to compare the two films just yet. hehehe.
But I have heard positive reviews on the film that you mentioned. And the film 'Homecoming' is actually a joint work between Malaysian and Singaporean actors and actresses.
Could that be a hint of something promising to you? :)

p/s: you might want to pen this film down on your planner this weekend, no? :)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Had just watched the film. I just love it! The way it portrays the community is quite realistic. You really should watch 'I Not Stupid' and 'I Not Stupid Too'. You might as well cry after finish watching them. :)) from the same producer, different genre -- but the message is close to the heart as well.

Aziz said...

I tried to watch it on Youtube the other day, but the videos were all badly tampered due to copyright violation.
Sad, sad, sad.

p/s: I'm glad you liked it!