My last entry was penned on 24 January 2012.
Today is 3 April 2015.

I was not even 24 when I wrote my last entry.
I was jobless. I was desperate (for job, of course) and I had no reason to go to the bank.

Today I am 27, buried in work, hate the bank, still unmarried and have my hands full as a dad.
Yes, that's very possible.

I do not even wish to rant on what has happened between then and now.
I mean, what is the point, right? 
The world moves on. People move on. So I will, too.

And in the spirit of moving on, I want to start writing again.
"You should further studies overseas. The experience will be very good for you."

The first person who told me this was my practicum mentor, Madam Wu Feun Fang. The second person was Madam Lim Wai Fun, my lecturer for Women in Literature course back in my final semester. The third person who told me this was Madam Karen, an Indian lady who is also my current co-employer at Pusat Pendidikan Bersekutu Bumi Perak (ARR English Programme).

While I've been truly humbled by these words, I know that it is just not possible at the moment.
InsyaAllah, one fine day.

P/S: These super awesome pictures are courtesy of our super awesome Michelle Undan :)
I'm just so lazy to write anything these days.

Convocation Seating, October 2011.
Received a phone call from my former lecturer, Madam Siti Salina two days ago.
Didn't see it coming, really. I was really taken aback.

She was asking whether I was interested to be her research assistant.

Then I told her I'd love to, but I was currently an ocean away. It turned out she didn't know that I came from the other part of the world. She immediately understood that it was kind of tricky for both of us. I thanked her all the same for even offering. Told her it meant the world to me. But what made my day was when she said this to me:

"You're one of the students I trust the most."

Hearing this almost brought me to tears. I was humbled by these words.

Watching the news on the great famine in Somalia really makes me ponder whether I have thanked God enough for every single good thing He has ever blessed me with. 

For every day, I look around and envy those who have more, oftentimes oblivious to those who have less.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you, ya Allah. I thank You for the air that I breathe, for the food on my plate every single day, for the good health, for the borrowed knowledge and worldly materials, for the comfort of my house, for my loving family.

I thank You for the prosperous life that I lead.

Pictures courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

Dear Nadal, you don't even know me, and probably never will.
That's pathetic, I know. But heck, I am sure I am not the only fan unknown by you in this big world. 
Screw that, too! I will say what I want to say to you.
Play well and make me happy.
Because seeing you smile like that, really makes my day.
And that sounds flat-out gay. But who in the hell cares.

P/S: US Open, the final major of the year begins on Monday. Nadal is the defending champion.