For those who have got a blog and have been blogging for quite some time, they will tell you maintaining one is not as easy as it seems. Unless they pay their bills by blogging and literally earning a living by doing that. But for casual bloggers like me, penning a single entry can take ages - figuratively. What with piles of assignments pending and waiting, lectures to attend and everything else in between, blogging is the last thing in your mind. Think I'm lying? Glance sideway and look for yourself at my fellow bloggers! One of them has not scribbled anything for a frigging year! A YEAR! Hahaha. Sorry, Najihah :)

So, the thought of having a new blog just doesn't sit well with me.

But it's not for me to choose. It's part of the the requirements for one of my final semester subjects; TSL641 Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) as I rambled on my previous entry. It's a subject to die for (ehem!) and I am literally on my feet to see the other assessments as the semester goes on. Can't wait to be working on Excel! It's just so exciting I can just sit in and look at it all day long - drooling (fainting is on top of the list, no doubt).

Okay, it's time to cut the crap. I don't have the energy to manage two blogs! Plus, I'm not as young as I used to be! All I want to do is sitting on a rocking chair and knitting.

But that's as far as my wishful thinking can and is allowed to go.

So to computer/technology freaks out there, rejoice, for you have got another avenue to keep freaking and pissing people like me off! Feel free to drop by my official blog for TSL641. This is the second address for my CALL blog, since the first one has been removed due to some stupid reason. But I have retained the cool name as you can see above! Click HERE.

Happy freaking!

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