Sir Aziz, My English Teacher #19

Sir Aziz is a kind teacher. When my first time I see him, his a funny man. I don't know, maybe his voice but nevermine, I can accept it because my friend also has the same voice. Sorry Sir, I don't meant it to say that. I have no idea that Sir is a brilliant teacher but when Sir is angry, he is scould someone he make me so quiet. Sir Aziz is a 'skema' but it's ok it's not so bad. Sometimes I think, how Sir Aziz with a spiky hair. Actually Sir Aziz is a smart boy. If I given a choice, I choose Sir Aziz to teach me everyday. Well, that's it. I know you know who write this, Sir. It's also meant you know me. That's so many clues to bring you to the writer. Ha3... Good luck Sir.. Happy go lucky.......

Note: This is anonymously written by a student of mine. It is unexpurgated both content and language-wise.

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