Sir Aziz, My English Teacher #20

Sir Aziz. Who is he?? It just my new practical teacher for about 3 month. First time, he teaching us we laugh because he sound just like a toad hahaha so funny... After long, he teach us we feel so exciting and happy. I remember we need to sing a English song he tried to sing it just very very horrible hahaha... I like he wears a pink shirt it just like my mom.. Haha. I remember the incident when he angry because we late to come for his class it just for a 10 minutes only!! I don't know why he need to angry at us for just a 10 minute!! Sometime I see him is just a nerd guy but actually it smart and neat. Sometimes, he just like talk to himself haha... I hope he can get a beautiful, lovely and quiet wife because Sir is too much talk la... I hope when he went to Sabah he will teach the pupils in there to be just like him. I hope in last day here he will wear a pink shirt haha.. Plezz...!! Okey, that's all from me I hope u will succes in the future!! Papai Sir!! We all love u!! :)

Note: This is anonymously written by a student of mine. It is unexpurgated both content and language-wise.

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