Sir Aziz, My English Teacher #17

First time sir Aziz come to my class I see him like a nerd boy cannot teach our class. I think he cannot make me happy and not really good to teach me. Sir Aziz like a angry teacher. After that, I feel not like him. Then, everyday he teach I and I feel that I like him. I started like him teach I at 3 days he teach me. He teach me and make me happy. He always make me happy with what he teaching. After that, after teaching he will make a game make me not sleeping. I never sleeping when he teaching. He teach also I can understand. Sir Aziz is a wonderful teacher have teach me. He a best english teacher I have been seen. I like so much he teach I because I not boring when he teaching. Seriously he a very best teacher for me in the world...

Note: This is anonymously written by a student of mine. It is unexpurgated both content and language-wise.

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