Wimbledon Woes

So Roger Federer just lost a few minutes ago.

Serena and Venus walloped in the doubles a few minutes earlier before Federer was rudely led to the same exit door.

Venus was utterly bludgeoned yesterday by a complete unknown from Bulgaria.

The day before that, Andy Roddick was trounced in total humiliation by a Taiwanese.

Maria Sharapova? Long gone.
Justine henin? A cheater. She deserved to be sent packing.
Kim Clijsters? Jada is calling mommy home to breast-feed.

While Nadal is now playing catch-up, having relinquished the first set.

Really, really great.

What the DEUCE is happening at Wimbledon this year?!

Thank God Queen Serena is still alive!

Or else I would be in great mood to chew one of my students alive!

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