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In case you've been wondering, wearing all-white outfits is one of the long-obliged traditions of Wimbledon. No players are allowed to put on outfits of other colors, even the one strolling into the court is the runaway Queen, Maria Sharapova.

Isn't that cool of Wimbledon?

Now we shall have a quick review of the outfits worn by my all-time fav players!

Pic 1: Rafael 'Rawr' Nadal

It's without saying one of the most dazzling Wimbledon outfits by Nadal. The shirt just enhances his already muscular, jaw-dropping body frame and the simplicity in the design indicates his undivided focus to hoist his second Wimbledon crown after being unable to defend his 2008 title last year. What more could we ask from the charming Spaniard? Even Shakira couldn't conceal the burning desire to caress him! Don't believe me?! Click HERE. Enjoy!

Pic 2: Serena 'Stunning' Williams

Ah, Serena. Will we ever stop talking about her? Apparently, never. From her sheer, God-given power on court to her controversial fashions that are always the center of media attention, Serena is simply irresistible, is she not? (You better agree with me!). Her 2010 Wimbledon outfit, according to her, is inspired by Cream and Strawberries, another ancient yet still widely upheld tradition of Wimbledon. She is looking absolutely stunning, and by the look on her face, no one (except, well, Venus) is boisterous enough to weather her storm from clinching her fourth Wimbledon title this year.

Pic 3: Venus 'Vicious' Williams

For the most part of 2010 thus far, this elder sister of Serena Williams has been more interested in causing stir for her outfits. In the previous Grand Slam, Venus wore a corset-like dress with a skin-tone short, which appeared as if she didn't put on underwear beneath the skirt. Venus, who has been designing her own outfits, called it 'Illusion'. This time at Wimbledon, Venus is not interested to cause another fuss. Wearing her latest design inspired by American singer Tina Turner, the outfit is full of frills and looking absolutely gorgeous. It looks like Venus is all set to restore her vicious side for the Major she has won 5 times thus far. If there is a contender that could crush her dream into ashes for the 6th triumph, it would be no other than her own little sister, Serena who walloped her in the final last year.

Now folks, outfits aside, let the battle begin :)

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Adam Arshad said...

Venus' skirt!
lol in a fancy way.

Aziz said...

I love the skirt! lol
Serena's skirt (or, rather, the entire outfit) is kind of off to me.
Love her, anyway =)

Adam Arshad said...

she looks like a nurse trying to pull off a fierce look.
and I agree,
gotta love venus' skirt.
but shouldn't we enjoy/talk/focus more on the game instead of the outfits aziz?

Aziz said...

Talking about game, my dear Serena has just won her fourth Wimbledon title! Whoopdeedoo!

Now I'm cheering for Mr. Muscular, Rafael Nadal in tomorrow's final =)