School Update #1

By right, I should be preparing wonderful and colorful lessons for my beloved students. Oh, you haven't been informed? I'm a happy teacher now (minus the adjective there). Yes, I know, I know, that sounds downright bizarre and most unlikely; since I don't seem to be able to trace any sort of cells in my blood that could suggest that I was born to be holding chalk and punishing stick. I spent the entire holiday nursing hangover (exam hangover, mind you) and next thing I knew, I had already been hurled headfirst into a school full of rowdy and smelly students.

I was Mr. Goody Two Shoes when I was 16. And smelt good, too.

Kids nowadays.

It's been two weeks I've been in the school. Just in case you're wondering, I am now teaching in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Klang. When I first knew that my dear faculty was going to dump me off somewhere in Klang and a technical school at that, I pretended to be sleeping soundly, wishing that I had a nightmare. Then I proceeded with a dramatic act of waking up abruptly from a nightmare, sweats tickling, chest heaving, fast breathing - gasping for more air. Then I quickly switched on my laptop, logged on to Dr. Idzaham's blog and - okay. No changes. It wasn't a nightmare (obviously). I was just wishing I could get a different school, for the idea of teaching technical students was just too much to bear alone.

Boy was I wrong.

Comes Monday, it will mark the third week I've been teaching there and even if a wishing Genie slaves himself away at my disposal, I wouldn't want to change anything about my practicum thus far.

First, I love the school! It is run very systematically and managed very well. Did I tell you that I've got to fingerprint-scan once I've arrived at the school? Yup. The school is that cool and savvy. That replaces the punch-card system that most school teachers are still using now. A female voice would allow you in by saying "Verified", and if you're unlucky (I've been, a few times), she would deny your access by saying "Try again, please". That can be very irritating, especially if you're already behind the scheduled time. The students have got to fingerprint-scan, too! If they fail to do so, text messages will automatically be sent to their parents, informing their absence. My eyes were bulging out in amazement, mouth wide open in disbelief when I was first introduced to all this technology-integrated system.

Secondly, the teachers are all very welcoming! I suppose that's one of the most crucial parts in working environment: the cliques you're working with. I remember the first day I arrived, the muscles across my face were strained to the max, all thanks to the ever-smiling teachers and I had to keep grinning too! Being cocky and stuck up is the last thing you would wish to be labeled as. My head of English panel is so accommodating, and my mentor keeps me laughing all the time with her perpetual punchlines! And did I tell you I've already been somewhat 'offered' by the head of English panel to be teaching there once I've graduated?

Best of all, I've started to love my students! So far, they have been responding well to my lesson and it only motivates me even more to prepare lessons that will bring more excitement in them. Now I've comprehended the joy of teaching, and the merriment is doubled when the students manage to show progress and understanding to your lesson. I've also come to realize that all the micro teachings are an absolute bullshit, for teaching in real school (not to mention, facing the authentic comportment of students!) is way too challenging and no laughing matter. I love to teach them. I love to inspire them and to see the glow in their faces, indicating innocence, dreams and hope. I love to read stories to them, and see their eyes twinkling with untainted, raw eagerness. I love to psycho the rowdy, rule-breaking students, tackling them and turning them into egg-headed.

I know I won't be able to make each and every student want to sit well and study, but I won't stop giving my best, hoping that it would eventually pay off. Wishing that it would finally worth the effort.

As for now, I've got to memorize the school song, Selangor anthem and a few vows. Last assembly I was muted throughout the occasion, not even having the faintest idea how to lip-sync; and it wasn't comforting at all when one maths teacher next to me was patriotically singing on top of his lungs, while I could only manage a faint grin, clueless what to do. Worst, the students were mostly staring at me, their curious eyes rolled up and down in close scrutiny.

Apparently because I was wearing bright pink shirt, blood-red necktie, pitch-black trousers and striking white glasses. Okay, maybe that's a lot of colors on one person. BUT, it is not a beheading offense, is it?

I am an English teacher, after all =)

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Azie Nazri said...

Wahhh, fingerprint scans?? For students too?? Now that is what I call technology!

I have to agree. There's too much to improve in our micro teachings. Real students are not like our controlled obedient friends. They are super noisy and have very little attention span. Teaching is one thing we are capable to do. But we lack the experience and skills in controlling the class.

Anyways, glad that you're enjoying your practicum. And a pink shirt huh? Way to go Sir Aziz! Haha.
Good luck Aziz! ;)

Aziz said...

Hi, Azie!
Glad to see you're here! I suppose you're enjoying your practicum too! Yup, THAT is technology. As if that's not enough to impress us the practical teachers, they also use computerized system to assign teachers for relief classes. So, teachers can't complain "Why me?", because their schedules are all in computer and it records when the teachers are free. Impressive, huh?

Oh, micro teachings. Seriously. So much to be done, I tell you. I, out of all people, would stand up to send our students to schools for micro-teaching. It is way valid that way.