I've been thinking real hard for the past few days and I've come to a consensus (with my inner self) to make this blog private during my practicum period.

I suppose this is one well-thought of decision since I've scribbled perpetual unteacherlike posts since the first day I conjured this blog up. And upon realizing that students nowadays are way too advanced (and highly manipulative too, mind you), privatizing this blog would be a plausible and safest move (so as to spare my head from the chopping board should they find anything worth reporting). But, come on! It's not like I've used any foul language and excessive profanity over here! I've been decent all along, haven't I?

Okay, I have used a few.

But, dear students, you've got to bear in mind that your teacher-to-be here is one thin and tiny human being too, with even thinner sense of morale. I do lose my cool head every now and again, but fret not. Your goody-two-shoes teacher here is going to be all sweet and adorable (white lies alert).

So folks, Feather Quill and an Inkwell will be a private blog within the next 24 hours until the last day of practicum, which will end God knows when. Truth be told, privatizing this blog would be the last thing I would do in this world, since I've been receiving so many constructive comments and feedback from known and anonymous readers. And I personally hold dear to the principle that the day you decide to come up with a blog, that is the day you finally ready to share things in your life with the people around you, and with those who unintentionally (or, more often than never, intentionally) stumble upon your blog.

If you want to make it private, go purchase a goddamn diary.

Alas, eventually I've got to eat my own words (and dirt, too) and make this blog a private one due to inevitable purpose as mentioned earlier. Practicum is a matter of great magnitude as anything you could imagine, and I would hate it to be impeded for any reason. And after 3 years of effing sleepless nights and bloody scuffle with books, countless answer booklets , emotionally disturbed invigilators and what not, none of it is worth the risk now.

And as the cliche goes, better be safe than sorry, folks.

You've heard it first here; loud and clear.

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