Catching Up

I have not written anything substantial for quite a while now.

The reason being is, I've been taking my time away from the computer, relishing the complete liberty that I've recently been entitled to. Seriously, when the invigilator yelled on top of his lungs and demanded us to drop the pen there and then, I wasn't sure of how I should be reacting. I was utterly numb to all emotions you could think of, and all I wanted to do was to just get out of the frigging stuffy exam hall. I triumphantly fucked up the exam and I couldn't be bothered.

Screw SLA, after all.

To be honest, I almost forgot how to live a life without assignments, really. But I managed to summon the joy back at once! So many surreal things have happened for the past few days. I'll fill you folks in on those things in my upcoming post!

As for now, it's good to know that I am merrily unattached.

To academic-related stuff, I mean :)

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