So Today I Skipped My Class

Then I took the train to KL and shopped my heart out.

I know this is totally irrational: purposely skipping your class just to go and shop few clothes. But who can blame me for wanting to have my own little time after all these suffocating weeks? So, yes, I skipped one of my favorite classes this semester - Methodology in Teaching Literature - and waited serenely at the railway station for the train to come and bring me away from all these academic things. Up till now I still can't suss it out that I did what I did, but I strolled quite gleefully to Mid Valley and hi-ed everyone along the way - on Thursday morning.

Aziz, you need to have your head examined. Seriously.

But my balance was all wrong and sanity-guard of mine was at all-time low. I legged into Romp, purchased a plain-black vest and one long-sleeve button-down white shirt and a few other nonsensical things. I can't remember the last time my wallet was so flat and skinny.

So folks, I am officially broke. Whoopdeedoo!

That's what brothers are for. I'm going to text one of my unfortunate brothers in a moment and ask for some deserved cash. But in my defense, you've got to be informed that even though I was half out of my mind, the reason why I did what I did was, I was looking for something nice to wear for Dean's List Award Night; which just finished an hour ago.

Okay, it wasn't exactly the reason per se.

The truth is, I can't recall the last time I spoiled and pampered myself. Darn assignments/tests/micro teachings/presentations all put their evil heads together and concocted a conspiracy to turn my life into a complete nightmare and a total mess, and to whom I've got to give a standing ovation because they did it rather successfully.

But then again, who can blame me for flattening my forever flat wallet by purchasing clothes for one-night-only event? Who can blame me for marching into a saloon and getting my hair cut and wonderfully washed? Who can blame me for serenely strolling around Mid Valley while knowing that somewhere in Shah Alam (Section 17, to be exact) my friends had to endure superficial micro-teachings?

Blame anyone not. Let me and my little messed-up head be :)

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acad said...

Well I missed you during the class coz there was no one to be bullied and joked arond. Heh!

Aziz said...

Haha. Azri told me the same thing. But you guys were lucky. You got the chance to see someone doing her micro teaching :P

acad said...

you lau rugi!

Aziz said...

Azri said Madam was kinda irked with her MT. I bet she must have successfully murdered her own MT. Hahaha.