Pool Party


To be honest, the party wasn't that all glamorous.

It's just everyone was so happy the moment it ended they started cam-whoring (Well, I did, too!) around the pool! It was the first time I saw happy faces among TESL comrades this semester. For one night, everyone just put all the assignments aside and let loose a bit.

To all the Dean's List Award recipients,

Many congratulations to us! All the sleepless nights and panda eyes really paid off, huh? I suppose everyone worked the hardest to be on The List last semester, but only few made it. So praise be to God for bestowing upon us the blessing. We should be striving for another one this semester! So, yes, hang back all the fancy dresses last night in your wardrobe, say Hi to your pyjamas or over-sized t-shirts (as well as your nerdy glasses) and sit back in front of your laptop. That is where all of us supposedly belong :)

Wait. I know that quite a number of recipients from our batch didn't attend the party, but did anyone else notice that they were only three lads among the swarm of ladies last night?

That explains the pictures above :)

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