Dear Teslians


Let us take one big photo before we all take separate ways.

I don't know. Something just hit my thick skull and I suddenly realized that such a shame it would be if we didn't have a picture or two together. And yes, I am talking about all of us Semester 6 TESL students, regardless of your affiliation: Mainstream, IPKB or IPG. It does not matter. Maybe I have never really said this out loud, but we are all one. Although I am starting to sound like a big politician here with even bigger speech, but mistake me not. This is purely coming from my heart.

As you can see above, I've alerted everyone via my Facebook and the responses have been terrific and just unbelievable. It only shows that we all have this one soft spot in our little heart that has been yearning to express love to one another, yet we haven't got the gut.

But folks, we are really running out of time.

So, please, spread the news around. Tell other Teslians who are still left uninformed about this. Quickly log in your Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, Blogs, E-mail and your phones and let everyone else know. We could pick up one day and just snap one huge photo, though I am not sure if we all can fit in. But please, not around the faculty! lol! I think after SLA final paper would be great. This is our last chance to commemorate the memories. I really don't want to wake up one day and look back with sigh and regret, do you?

So yes, carpe diem! :)

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