Once the Semester is All Said and Done


I shall redeem all the wasted time ( spent doing assignments) by watching these two Korean drama series for the zillionth time. When the much anticipated day eventually comes, I will be covering myself with fluffy comforter, accompanied by a few scrumptious pies or cupcakes, a cup (or two) of hot coffee, lights out and I will just be lying down in my stripey light blue pyjamas on the cold floor in front of my laptop while watching one of these, followed by another, once the other one is finished. I will be laughing my head off and crying my eyes out. I will only wake up next day when the clock strikes 12pm; no sooner than that.

This would be the sweetest revenge of all.
I will wait. I will wait. I will wait.

For the meantime, I shall go back working on my term paper. Oh, bugger off.

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