Enlighten Me


I have always loved this song, but I haven't got a faintest idea what the song is all about. I tried to learn Korean the other day but the fire died out, thanks to all the workloads that were bombarding my life at that time.

So here is an open request,

To those who are speaking Korean like a Japanese bullet train (the likes of Michelle and Azie. Well, I know you guys see this coming! No escaping from this!), could you guys please translate the song for me? :P I would very much appreciate the effort you folks make to enlighten this poor decimated soul of mine. :) Even the gist of it would be nice.

Because nothing is more pathetic than listening to a song and clueless to its meaning :)

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extraordinarydesign said...

cerita ni macam my real life..hehe
the different is im a muslim and she's not...
macam-macam life ni..

Aziz said...

You like it, too? :D