Farewell Thee

With a ponderous heart, here I pronounce that two of my most belov'd subjects hath come to a halt: Shakespeare and Asian Literature.

I am most devastat'd.

Okay, enough with this Shakespearean language. Yet alas! (Okay, I promise, I'll really get rid of this) God knows how much I love these two subjects. I can safely say that these two are by far my favorite subjects in my whole entire TESL years. Who in the hell cares about Principle in Testing and Evaluation? Who on earth gives a banana about Research Methodology?

I love Literature. I always have and will always.

Earlier today, I had my 2nd quiz for Asian Literature and it marked the end of the tunnel (erk?) for this subject, though I still have one mini sketch to be submitted by the end of this month. And it was followed by Final sketch for Shakespeare. Mr. Kieran was happy, we were (and still are) happy and I would like to thank my dearest subjects (Since I was King Lear :P) Fahmi (I have told you I prefer your real name. It sounds cool to me), Yuslina, Aimimah and Aisya. We pulled it off, folks! I am just so over the blue moon now. You guys were terrific, especially you, Fahmi! I know I forgot my line but you covered it up for me so seamlessly. I thank thee for that. Cordelia was so innocent I was almost taken in, Goneril and Regan were so rotten I couldn't believe I was in the same league with you folks. LOL. I am so gonna miss you guys once you have gone back to IPKB. Why do you have to go back anyway? That's so not fair.

And I am going to miss Mr. Kieran and Madam Rosalind a looooot.

Mr. Kieran is just one hell of a terrific lecturer, I wish I could borrow your brain for a sec and Madam Rosalind is just so motherly all I can think about every time I see you is to give you a huge fat cuddle for you are so adorable. I am going to miss your comical facial expression, all-over-the-place hand gestures and inspiring stories. I am going to miss you as a person.

Why do I sound like I am graduating tomorrow?

Okay, so I am not graduating anytime soon and I should stop this way too sentimental post. But I am going to miss Shakespeare, really. All the stunningly beautiful and witty sonnets. All the plays: comedy, tragedy and history. I am going to miss Asian Literature. All the things that we have forgotten about our most cherished Asian cultures. The thought-provoking short stories. The beautiful movies: Jogho, Water. All the intense discussion. Enlightenment.

Thank you, God.
Thank you for steering my heart to take up Literature at the very first place.

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Nur Hafiza binti Bani said...

same here, even though I'm not A-all-the-time student like you :D
seriously, i had difficulties dealing with mr kiran during literature in media tapi now i can see the light :D

me too, feel I've made a right choice :)

Aziz said...

Hafiz, I can still vividly recall the other day he praised your assignment. Stop pretending like you are not a performing student yourself :D

Ya, when I first stepped into his class for Contemporary Literature, I thought this white guy must be a tough cookie to please. But if you know how his style, it isn't that difficult actually, right? :D

Kieran that I know is a 2-page, double-spacing lecturer. That shouldn't sweat us that much :)

extraordinarydesign said...


Aziz said...

Hi, Yana =)