Metal Teeth


It's been on my wishlist for so long now.

And no, I'm not talking about being a dentist, thank you. It's all about getting all these little metal things attached to my crooked teeth.

Every time I tell this to friends of mine, they would normally cast this one puzzled look at me, while trying to get a glimpse of my teeth out of the corner of their eyes. Of course I would quickly zip my mouth! But those who have known me too well (and have had the chance to see my crooked teeth), they would tell me that my teeth are perfectly normal and just fine, and thus it is totally unnecessary for me to waste 3k+++ just to get my stupid teeth fixed.

But I don't feel okay. I have never felt so.

Every morning, when I take a shower and brush my teeth, I will give my teeth a long, hard look in the mirror, wishing I could just push the two of my upper teeth forward, for they are a little misplaced, slightly backward. It's not even slightly, actually. It's just so obvious! And I will spend more time brushing these two teeth because they are quite latent at the back, and it's difficult to get them properly cleaned. It's kind of frustrating at times.

But I'm not gonna being bitter now. My mum says the key to happiness is to love myself the way I really am; and just be thankful with everything that God has set for me. I think she's right. I shouldn't be thinking about my stupid teeth so often. Plus, I read it somewhere the other day that if you alter your teeth (like getting braces), somehow or rather, you change your luck in life! Perhaps I haven't been so lucky all my life, but I suppose life has been kind to me. So I wouldn't want to change my luck! And anyway, who says I think about my teeth on daily basis?

Okay, I do think about my uneven teeth every single day.

But never mind. If everything holds, I'll be graduating next year, and once I've earned my own penny, then maybe I'll put on braces. No rush. I'll wait. Plus I don't see myself getting married for the next 10 years or so (hopefully! My mum would be over the moon if she reads this!), so I can just spare a few thousands of my future income on this braces thingy.

That sounds like a better plan, doesn't it?

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