I've been spending the past few days googling possible scholarships for my master once I have completed my obligation towards my current scholarship, KPM.

I know that sounds very go-getting of me, provided that I have not even completed my degree yet (2 semesters to go) and I will most definitely spend the next five years as a teacher (that's what's stated in the contract) before they will let me go. So all in all, I'll be completely a man of my own by the time I am 28 years old.

That is 6 years from now.

Well, before you go gaga, let me tell you the imperative of planning in advance and the fact that time flies very quickly these days. Bat your eyelashes once, and it is already another year. So, I am perfectly not ambitious by having all these thoughts now.

Frankly speaking, I started looking for possible courses for my master when I was in my first year of degree! Now that sounds way too striving, I know. But it helps you a lot, you see. By having something to accomplish ahead of you, you know you can't stay playful all the time and go screwing up your degree! I suppose this has been my guardian angle all along. Within this three-year width, I have done research on three possible areas, which I am not going to disclose here, mainly because I am still in the process of narrowing down things.

But I've just recently stumbled upon a new area which is pretty cool!

Seriously, folks. I'm all pumped to go for it! I've done some background research on it, the universities that offer the course (very handful, actually) and all the requirements - and with my current academic standing, I suppose I've passed all the requirements. So all I have to do now is to not screw up my degree and be a good, obedient student that I am not (unfortunately) for the remaining one year and happily graduate.

The university that I am aiming now has kindly listed down all the subjects for this particular course and a reading list, too! So I have, let's see, exactly 6 years to read up all the materials listed as a preparatory action and maybe start figuring out topic for my written work (this is sort of compulsory so as to see the level of critical thinking and what not; around 2000 words) to be submitted prior to my application. That is a lot of things within 6 years! Oh, I'm so running out of time!

Anyway, did I tell you my middle name? Ambitious.

Aziz 'Ambitious' Arsyad :)

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Adam Arshad said...

what course are you planning to pursue dear mister ambitious?
mind telling me because I've been 'background checking' some possible sites too for my master.

Aziz said...

You wouldn't want know, Acad. Or else, you would curse me under the sun! Hahaha. But seriously, I think it's going to be really cool! :P

Adam Arshad said...

lemme take a wild guess. It revolves around literature?

Aziz said...

Yup. And it's closely related to our own Mr. Shakespeare =)
Fancy joining me? Jom, acad!

Adam Arshad said...

tell me la, what is it?
and then I'll try to consider it.

Aziz said...

MA in Shakespeare Studies =)
Cool, isn't it?