Earth Day


Today is 22nd of April, 2010; and it is earth day.

Celebrated in more than 175 countries worldwide, today is the day we heed to the call and cry of our nature, and to realize that we can make a difference to make this world a better place for every living thing. Take small steps to make a big change.

I know each of you might be thinking, "What much can I do to help preserving the nature?". Well, to those of you who have thoughts as such, let us start by doing little things within our capability. Here are the 4 things that I suppose we can do every day to help the mother nature little by little.

1. Do not throw rubbish everywhere as you wish. This is a simple thing, yet so many of us fail to make this a habit. Look around for rubbish bins provided, and if you are not able to find one, what is wrong with putting them in your pocket for a while? Or your handbag? Make it a habit, folks, even it's only a sweet wrapper that you are holding in your hand.

2. Switch off all the electrical appliances whenever you're not using them. Who cares if you got plenty of penny to pay the bills? Your money is nothing when the world switches itself off. You choose.

3. Stop open burning and keep the ocean clean whenever you are visiting one. Remember that the ocean is the home for so many underwater creatures. It's bad enough that we have been polluting the land we are living on. Leave the fish, octopuses, giant squids and the coral reefs alone.

4. Go green. Refuse plastic bags if you do not need them. This goes to myself as well. I know people will give you funny and suspicious looks when you are walking out from a grocery store with something without properly wrapped. But the earth will eat these people alive when it is too angry. And the earth will spare you if you be good to it. This is called Karma.

These are just a few small steps that we can take to make a change. Don't wait for others to initiate something . It starts with us. Let us do our part before it is too late. Just in case you have not noticed, we only have one earth, and this is the same earth that we will inherit to the future generation. Did you know that the earth is now 4.54 billion years old?

What we do counts. Let us make everyday, earth day :)

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