Immortalizing You

I reckon I have liked you a little too much.

Want to know why? Last semester, I immortalized you in my Creative Writing Journal. Yup. Instead of doing typical journal like my other chums did, I came up with this story-like journal, containing 14 chapters. It was like a short story. Specially dedicated to you. Oh, I obtained 14 out 15 marks allocated for that Journal.

I wish I could tell you that I got an A for that subject, too.

And for this semester - just recently - I have immortalized you in my Methodology in Teaching Grammar subject. Wonder how? I put you in my Literature Review. I know that sounds downright bizarre and most unlikely, but I have succeeded. I really have. But since I have not submitted the Literature Review yet (though I have completed it), I can't really tell you just yet how I fair in this particular assignment. Even if I do well, I still can't tell you. But I hope I will do just as good. Just like the last time I immortalized you in my academic writing.

Yes, I have liked you this much, and the feeling grows fonder every single day.

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Azie Nazri said...

You did?
Waaah, thats so sweetla aziz.
Maybe one day you can share your creative writing journal with us. :)

Aziz said...

Yup, I did.
Liking someone can really drive you demented, right? Haha.
I have liked this person for almost 6 years now. Stupid, right?
I really wish I could share the journal with you guys :)