4.0 for Shakespeare

Do you still remember I wrote THIS one post about how much I yearned to learn Shakespeare that I bought the book a semester earlier? Yup, I love Shakespeare that much.

And praise be to God, I did well for this particular subject :)

It's kind of official (though not quite so, actually) that I've scored for this paper. Out of boredom (thanks to the so called revision week), I went to the faculty around 8pm earlier today, and I suddenly recalled that Mr. Kieran promised last week that he would put up the accumulated marks some time around this week. So I marched straight to his office, and in the darkness I saw a piece of paper bearing our marks glued on the glass window outside. I was literally sweating, for I had high expectation for this paper; and it's Mr Kieran that we are talking about here, folks. Students in general call him Mr. C, and that is for a good reason.

So I took out my cheap cellphone, and began calculating. Paper 1, quiz 1, paper 2, quiz 2, project paper and lastly the staging. I was so scared I could feel my heart beating so fast I was half-expecting my lungs to fall off right away! Because I was well aware what was at stake. Forfeit more than 20 marks and I would not get a solid A. So when I pressed for total marks -

I made it just quite well above 80 (82.9%) and officially that is the first A for this semester.

I was so happy I could just scream my lungs out! But I kept my head down and fought the urge to yell, or else the guards would come and kick me out of the faculty right away. I've always said that Literature subjects matter most to me, and that is more than just because Literature is my minor.

It's a prove of so many things.

It's a prove that you can tame even the most feared lecturer if you have faith in you. It's a prove that even though people coin him as Mr. C, it does not mean you are destined to get C. You can change that with a little effort and self-belief, even if you are studying long-dead poets like Shakespeare! I have always had a little faith that I can score 4.0 for this paper. I admit that I myself was a bit skeptical and doubtful in my own aptitude to enroll in his class before, but Michelle asked me to register in his class to prove if I was really a good student. So I took the challenge, and I've NEVER looked back ever since.

p/s: Michelle, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I am so happy, dancing-among-the-clouds happy, I wish you were here so that we could celebrate together! We constantly compete in his class, remember? :) But what others might not know is that, we also push each other ahead, so that we can share the joy of accomplishing and succeeding against all odds.

I made it, Cel :)

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Michelle said...

Let me be the first to congratulate Ziz!! (i hope I am)
I'm sooo PROUD of you!! I've never doubted your abilities. You're a clever and determine person and I'm so happy for you too! Just remember this, have a positive disregards for what may seem impossible and who knows where it'll get you! Kudos Ziz!!

Aziz said...

Thanks, Cel! =) Wow. That's a beautiful wisdom you've got there, and that is just so true. Just because people say you can't, doesn't mean you have to say the same to yourself, right? =)I hope you're doing well yourself over there :D

qieynah said...


Aziz said...

Thanks, Kinah! =) Miss you! Tetibe je. Hahahaha.

Romzi said...

Mr. C... he gave me a D for Phonetics and Phonology way back then..... anyway, congratulation ziz!

Aziz said...

Seriously, Ramzi? Ouch! It's okay. We fall every now and again, but we gotta get up and get going, right? =)