Biological Clock

Last night, I slept at 7 o'clock in the morning.

Wait. Why does it sound tad weird? Last night but morning? Because it wasn't even night time, actually. But I wish it was. I wish it was Instead of, well, And I've just got up from my sleep. It's 11:27pm as I'm writing this. Okay, that's a lot of am/pm thingy to digest. But let me break this down for you.

I went to bed at 7am. I got up from sleep at 11pm.

Now, now, folks. There is no reason to be all dramatic. It's not a one-go sleep. Alas, normal people don't do this. Zombies do. And I am a zombie. Or a banshee. Fear me.

So, yes. My biological clock has been severely mutilated and reversed upside down. And no, it's not cool. Mr. Google (a best chum of mine) said, rats deprived of sleep will die within two to three weeks. So since I ain't no rat, I think I'll die faster. Okay, that's not a nice thing to say.

I remember this one time, I presume it was three semesters back, when I didn't sleep at all for I feared that I would flunk my Phonetics paper. Everyone in TESL bubble can come up straight away with a long list of sighs the moment you mention the word 'Phonetics' to them. It is one hell of a paper so hard to nail. So, coming back to my story, I didn't sleep at all. The paper was at 9am and I was still wide awake, with the book under my nose at 7am.

I was literally out out of energy. But I didn't give a deuce.

So when I stepped into the exam hall that morning, surprise, surprise, my mind went blank. It felt as tough a button had been switched off inside my body precisely at 9am and my brain stopped functioning straight away. Whoopedeedoo! Alas, you people know that a tennis match is not over until you shake your opponent's hand across the net. So, I picked up my magical pen and started bulling my way through the paper. When the invigilator yelled on top of his lung for us to put down the pens, I just beamed, because I had completed the paper long before that. When everybody was still scribbling nonsense on their paper, I was smiling to heaven, for I had completed the exam, despite the sleep deprivation.

Little that I knew, I only answered two questions instead of four required.

That explains the free time I had when everyone was still writing. Because they were fresh enough to see that the last section of the paper required us to answer four questions out of six, and not bloody two. No wonder hell smiled back at me. Because I was an utter complete dope for not realizing that. Many thanks to sleep deprivation.

That was the semester my results went down like a falling comet.

Thud! I fell flat on my butt. I cried very loudly when I knew this. But surprise, surprise, it was a little too late. I learned one good lesson that day, that I am just one small kickable-in-the-ass human being made of clay. My body ain't no machine. I've got to get some sleep no matter what. Since that day, I've always made sure that I get some sleep at least an hour or two before my final exams. Because let me enlighten you on this one thing:

Being a falling comet is not cute.

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acad said...

well try staying awake for a week without any sleep.
I was in that state last week or perhaps last two weeks, i could not recall. I had to gobble sleeping pills for a couple of days.
Crazy eh?
I still fail to fathom how I managed to survive now.

Aziz said...

Sleeping pills?!
Acad, those stuff can kill you! Who were you stalking until you were severely deprived of sleep of such amount? :D

Don't practice consuming pills. That's so western-like. Hasn't Madam Rosalind taught you anything at all about being truly Asian? Ahaks! :)