I find you attractive if you are left-handed.

Opsss! Can't believe I just blurted it out. But, yes, it's just something that makes someone look alluring in my eyes. Okay, now it starts to sound like 18sx stuff I'm writing here. But, come on. There is absolutely nothing censored about it, is there? In Second Language Acquisition (it's safer to insert some educational stuff here to avoid this blog being flagged), there is a term called 'Individual Differences'. So I think you can just generalize it to this one. Then I will fall into this odd sort of people. I've tried to confide in Mr. Google but couldn't find any research done that could explain this eccentric compulsion of mine.

So it's better to conclude that I am just plain weird. Period.

Why are you attracted to left-handed individuals, you ask me? Well, the answer is rather giveaway. I have no idea. Hahaha. But! (I know I have a point here) I don't simply fancy any other lefty. You've got to pass certain criteria.

Firstly, (it feels like I'm writing for Kieran's paper) you've got to have a super neat handwriting. Although you are writing with your weird hand, that is not an excuse. In fact, that's the thrill in it. Whether you can balance the unfortunate abnormality in you. If you can't, well, I'm not surprised, for you are writing with the wrong hand.

Secondly, lefty folks are usually fascinating in the way they present themselves. They are just different from others. They are normally very introverted, cool and witty. It's as if their left hand has inflicted other parts of their body to be one-sided, too. So instead of appearing typical, they are just adorably different. Maybe that explains why I'll be jumping up and down like a total psycho when Rafael Nadal is on court. As if he could hear me cheering him on. Alas, who can blame me for just being normal?

Okay, who am I kidding? Perhaps I am just weird :)

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