Early Morning Rant

I am supposed to complete an assignment for Method Writing.

Yet, here I am.
Happily blogging at this hour. What time is it anyway?

The other day, Safwan said that I've been an avid blogger lately. But little did he know that the reason why I have always been here is because I've been so fucked up mentally and emotionally for the past few weeks (and few weeks coming). To avoid myself from marching to the kitchen, grabbing the pestle and bludgeoning all my housemates and possibly few neighbors, I've decided to brilliantly lash out my aggravation here.

Isn't this very intellectual of me? You better say so.

Why am I here again? Oh, now I know. Practicum. Practicum. Practicum. My oh my. It's just a plate of lasagna away! (that is to say, very close to happen. But whatever the lasagna doing in that sentence is a mystery even to myself) and I am so not prepared for god knows sooo many reasons.

First, well, this semester hasn't ended yet. I've got so many things yet to be submitted. (and again, here I am, blogging). Two weeks left, would you believe that? But the semester is so close yet so far away. I'm out of gas already. All I am thinking now is to go back to Sabah and never return here. (Alas, my mum just warned me not to complaint to much these days and just slave myself away. What a nice thing to say, mum...).

And the BIGGEST reason of all, I haven't bought new glasses! I heard recently that a senior of mine who was doing practicum was badly reprimanded because he was wearing this white spectacles while teaching. Although I haven't found a single evidence just yet on how white glasses can mutilate students' brain cells, I need to prepare one new glasses. Nerdy black, maybe. Thick one. That should do the trick with students' cognitive ability.

The bottom line is, I've got to do my Writing assignment now or I can still happily put on my current white glasses next semester (that is resting serenely on my flat nose as I'm writing this), if you catch what I mean. God forbid.

So when I am going to go back to my divine duty? Good, I'm already sleepy.

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