I've been looking forward to learn this subject since the beginning of last semester! That explains why, as you can see in the picture (my old glasses; and two of those rings I was wearing are now gone... sad, sad..), I bought the book a semester earlier! I actually purchased the book the same day I bought A Thousand Splendid Suns! Nuts, right? Call me that, but I will make sure I will hunt down the best lecturer to teach me this one! Sadly, Kieran won't be teaching this subject, so he is officially ruled out from the list.

But I heard Azura is one hell of a stupendous lecturer, too. I think I'll consider her class :)

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Azie Nazri said...

I wish I am into classic literature like you. :(

handhalah ibnu kamil said...

kalau aku muntah dah kot baca buku tu jis.


tebal gilak..

Aziz said...

Azie: Hahaha. I just love classic English! The language is too beautiful beyond words. Especially Queen English! :) Who knows you will like it too once we have started learning it? :)

Abu: Ni la akibatnya kalau ambik TESL. Susah nak muntah bila tengok Shakespeare. :) And no, we are not learning the whole book! Just few of his masterpieces. But it's advisable to have his complete work. So yes, I've got mine! =)