Why are Technicians, Technicians?

Because they cannot be more than that, or else they will forget who they really are.

By God, I am not trying to belittle anyone or any job people take up to earn a living, but yesterday's event really got to me. It wasn't the first time the technicians in my faculty did such an abhorrent thing. It has been going on for quite some time. But they were totally out of the line yesterday. Here are the chronicles:

WTF Moment No.1

Exactly at 4pm yesterday, I got Method Writing class. A lecturer of mine asked me to go down to the Technician Room to collect all the things we needed to watch a movie (Morgans, folks). So I did as what I was ordered. When I finally reached there, I told the first technician the reason I came. He asked me to write down my name and stuff. So I did. There were lots of columns. And there was this one column where I noticed everyone before me had written 'Student'. So I wrote just the same. And out of the blue, the technician launched an assault. With an irritating tone, he said "Why did you write 'Student?'. Can't you see it is meant for metrics number? I was completely oblivious about that because, like I said, everybody had written 'Student'. I told him so, in which he replied "If people do mistakes, why do you have to do the same?" I was like "What the heck?"

WTF Moment No. 2

After the incident, I tried my best to keep it cool. I just said "Okay". Then I continued to fill in data on few more remaining columns. Then there was this column for 'Room'. During those few seconds in my life, I was completely blanked. I forgot the class I was in (one of the factors could be that I was still riled with the first incident!) so I asked the technician because he had come to my class before I came down to the Technician Room. He looked at me, obviously bitter, and he snapped "How long have you been here? You don't even know your class?" I was so taken aback by the lack of courtesy in him! Why couldn't he just tell me? Why did he have to go and attack me that way? What the hell was going on? Everyone forgets once in a while, even something you know by heart. What was with the bitter remark?

WTF Moment No. 3

I kept telling myself "Don't lose your manner. Don't lose your manner", though I did mutter under my breath "Such a whining!" but I was still keeping myself together, or else I could have said it out loud! My Method Writing class ended at 6pm, so when I went to the Technician Room to return all the things we had borrowed, the room had already been locked up. Obviously they had gone home. Then it occurred to me that my Student Card was with them! In case you have forgotten, you are required to leave your Student Card when you borrow something, and you can take it back the moment you return everything. So my lecturer said he would bring home all the things we had borrowed because he would use them again the following day for another class. So when I saw the lights in the Technician Room were on when I came to faculty that night for my Method Grammar class, I rushed to the room to take my Student Card, or else it would be such a fussy business if the guards saw me without it hanging around my neck. (In fact, I was halted by a guard today when he noticed I was without my Student Card!). I saw another technician, this one was very famous for his notoriously stuck up behavior, but I couldn't care less. So I asked for my Student Card.

Without looking at me, he said "But where are all the things you had borrowed?" I said they were with my lecturer and he would return it tomorrow morning. He flared up and barked "So who's going to be responsible if the things got stolen? Oh, my! He was seriously out of the line! What the heck? Why couldn't he decently tell me to come back tomorrow morning and collect it? What the heck with all the bitter remarks? And wasn't that obvious that my lecturer would be responsible if the things got nicked? Why would I be responsible? And my lecturer wouldn't be that ignorant to know that! After all, he is a lecturer, not any bitter technician! He is educated enough to know what he's doing!


Seriously, technicians. Do us a favor. If you don't like your job, by all means, quit. Quit and leave us for good. I suppose there are many skillful yet jobless technicians out there who would kill for that job. And they are probably not bitter. They don't whine day in day out like you do. It only shows that your job doesn't satisfy your needs and quitting is the only way out.

Or else, do your job properly and stop whining. From the way you have behaved, anyone would have mistaken you for a lecturer, instead of, well, a technician.

And a bitter one at that.

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