What makes mum so great?

Because mum cooks nice food and cleans the house. Mum washes dirty clothes and folds the clean ones neatly. Mum is great because she wakes up very early in the morning when everyone is still asleep, including, well, dad, of course.

But these are not the only reasons.

Mum is great because of her tender love. Mum gives support when I can't stand up right. Mum believes in me when nobody else does. Mum cheers me on when everybody else boos. Mum gives me strength when I feel I can't go on. Mum picks me up when I fall down flat. Mum wipes my tears away and tell me that it is okay to fall. But mum says I must get up and get going -and keep trying. Keep trying until I make it, because mum always has faith in me.

Do you ever feel tired, mum? Tired with all these? Provided that you carried me around for 9 not wonderful months, you couldn't sleep with your swollen belly, the pain you went through delivering me into this messed up world. You woke up in the middle of the night whenever I cried for bloody milk, you stayed up late when I was peskily sick, pacing up the hall singing lullaby so that the constant scream would stop. You are just an amazing person, mum.

It's just even more amazing how even miles apart, you can still comfort me and tell me things are gonna be okay when I am completely losing my faith.

It's just might be well beyond my reach to repay every wonderful thing that you have done for me. But if there is something that I am sure of, it would be this one:

God has certainly created heaven for you.

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Z.M said...

setuju dengan semua, hargailah ibu kita sementara dia masih bernyawa..kerana bila kita kehilangannya, pasti tiada yang dapat menggantinya..

Aziz said...

kan? love my mum so much! (",)