Dear Aziz,

Thou art an asshole.

You never learn, do you? You wept when you failed to get listed on the Dean's List for the first time few semesters ago. Then you rebounded the following semester because you didn't like being out of The List. You think you've been doing good for the past few semesters, don't you? And now you feel like you're fail-proof?

What a joke.

Hey guys, we've got a joker here! Laugh at him! No way you will get listed on The List again this semester if you stick with your stinky attitude such as this! Dream on, I would say. People work hard to get on The List. They squeeze their brains day in, day out to get their names on it.

You've set something to achieve this semester, right? Remember what you vowed to yourself at the beginning of the semester? What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you forgotten? Why are you always taking things for granted and cry like an effing idiot when you fall down flat? You've always said you wanted to make your mum and dad proud! You know you have, so don't betray their trust.

Don't get back to your senses only when you've failed. That's so not cool. I've never taught you that.

Okay. Stop weeping! Such a child! You still have five more weeks to go before this semester ends. Five weeks is a lot of time if you put your heart on whatever you're doing. And you know what? You have actually been doing pretty good this semester, it's just too much slacking off. I'm surprised myself the way things have gone you way so far. That's to say Allah still offers you time to put everything back together.

There is still enough time to make it right. You know you can do better that what you have done so far. Never feel like you've done good enough. Never. I've never taught you that, too. That's the worst thought you could have as a student. Once you feel that way, you will be oblivious to the big flaws that are all over you.

Okay, now wipe those tears away and put yourself together. I didn't mean to make you cry, but if that's the only way to get you back on track, then it's more than a pleasure.

Now remember those numbers you want to achieve? It's not impossible, you know. It just takes more than what you're doing now. You'll get there. You'll surely get there. It's just a matter of time. But don't crawl.

Get back on your feet. Look ahead. Now run. Run!

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