Three Banshees and an Angel


One wild night in Putrajaya.

This is what happens when assignments rule your life. You lose all your sense, sensibility and shame. Some of the pictures were taken in middle of the road, on road divider, some filthy corners and stuff. Hahaha. What a night. What a wild, crazy night.

To Kinah,

I hope we really cheered you up yesterday! I suppose we did because you looked so happy and it made us happy, too! And no, that dress didn't make you look 9-month pregnant! You looked super fabulous! And oh, you were singing so many songs on top of your lung I thought you would never stop! Thank God that one guy shouted at you for ruining their 'wonderful date' with your heart-broken songs! Hahaha! Oh one more thing, do you normally drive a car like that? That was crazy, girl! I thought my funeral would be today judging from the way you drove yesterday. Praise God, I'm still alive :)

To Yet,

I suppose you have found your calling? Hahaha! All the pictures turned out great! Thanks to your new-found talent! You snapped from so many ridiculously great angles including that one you took while you were standing on the road! Thank God there were no cars or else we all would have ended up in Putrajaya Specialist Centre instead! And it was good that you were so occupied with your sudden talent it left the three of us to just pose and click! Another great picture! Haha! So you better start saving now if you wish to buy SLR. That will benefit you tremendously (though it will benefit us the cam-whores more!).

To Mimie,

Kak Su will keep you locked on the ground from this day onwards! Haha! I suppose it did you some good also, right? Just keep a distance from computer for a while (what time did we arrive in Shah Alam last night? Hahaha!). Oh, I defeated you in that stair-game, anyway. Will you ever win anything against me? And no, I'm not being cocky here. Just telling the truth. Let's face it.

To you readers,

Just in case you are wondering who the three banshees are, I think you can figure it out in no time. You want a clue? Okay, fine. The clue is, I have mentioned all the three of them above. Hahaha! As for the angel, well, isn't that obvious?

Oh, you guys really know how to make me blush :)

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qieynah said...

really made my day.....or nite??? i enjoyed so much even though we failed to watch sunrise at broga time bebeh....superfab?? me loike it very much u guys.....

ps: keep on lepaking!

Aziz said...

Yeah, watching sunrise at Broga Hill! I'll put that in my planner!

And Bukit Tinjau also! That one place where we can see the majestic view of KL!

Can't wait for the next trip! (",)

Romzi said...

jeles!! can I tag along next time?

Aziz said...

Feel free, Romzi!
All you need to have with you is own yourself =)

Alas, beware.
Kinah drives like a banshee that she is. (",)