Scented Object Poem

Yay! They finally let go of me!
It was so stuffy inside the ball container you've got to see!
I am a new ball so I smell like a newbie!
Now I look around, the court is so huge and gee!
I wonder who is in action, because the the fans are so noisy like a swarm of bee!

Let me see... That's Andy Murray!
He's a fine young Brit and he surely knows how to play!
And now, standing across the net under the spotlight ray,
That's the lefty young Spaniard, Rafael Nadal and he looks so gay!
Bring on the game, hooray!

Now the ball boy squeezes me in his hand!
And he throws me and where shall I land?
Oh, thank god it's Nadal that catches me and bounces me against the wall!
Will he ever look at me more than just a round greenish yellow tennis ball?

And now the crowds are silent.
I know it's going to be rough and violent!
Nadal stops bouncing me, and tosses me up to the sky!
And with a grunt he whacks me, such inconsiderate guy!

Now I land across the net and after a bounce,
Murray smashes my solid body with a mercy of half an ounce!
Nadal now slices me and I am flying forward spinning!
Murray backhands me down the line and Nadal forehands me, a poor being!
I land outside the line and "OUT!" I hear the lineman shouting!
Murray throws his arms to the sky and he's winning the whole thing!

(Creative Writing class, 2009)

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