Alice in Not So Wonderland


*Spoiler Alert*

It is a HUGE disappointment.

Who can blame me for expecting so much more from this movie? This movie has caused stir and excitement since the end of 2009, cited to be one of the biggest films in 2010.

Well, if movie-goer line-ups for this movie were taken into account as what defines 'biggest', then, hands down. It certainly is. But movie-wise? One of the biggest disappointments, man.

That's the thing when the person directing this movie is named 'Tim Burton' and Johnny Depp is in it - you tend to expect something more. Something beyond. Something that is worth lining-up for. Something that is worth watching. Something that is worth my 12 bucks - Nope. None of these.

And this coming from Tim Burton? The director of one of the most critically acclaimed and unforgettable movies of all time, Edward Scissorhands? The script is too loose, man. I can assure you that nothing is memorable about it. It's one of the films that you're hugely relieved once the credits roll. That you're thankful you've watched it once so that at least you have an idea when your buddies talk about it; watching it once is good enough. A chum of mine, Mimie, could even find a spare time to doze off somewhere during the movie! Later she told me she was having nightmare. Well, who can blame her?

I'm just feeling sorry for Johnny Depp, man. Well, who can deny that he has been one of the reasons (if not the only) people even bother to come to watch it at all? We've all known perfectly well how brilliant he has always been when it comes to performing this kind of eccentric character. He was good in it, man but he could have been so much better had it not been the shitty script and deplorable storyline. I just got the feeling that the movie is kind of rushed. man.

Well, apart from Mr. Depp, I've got to take my hat off to Anne Hathaway. She played the 'White Queen' character quite good. Come to think of it, the very few moments I even chuckled were her parts.

The joke in the movie is a classic, epic failure. Ouch! Sorry to say this. Now I've started to feel upset, yet again. This film is utter disaster, man. Complete, utter disaster. You've let me down, Mr. Burton. I was hoping this movie could bring a happiness back in me after one week of hell lectures - But I've been wrong before.

A lesson learned.

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