The school has changed rather tremendously since the last time I saw it! If you notice, something is under construction also! Oh, I kind of envy with the juniors today! Can't wait to be back there! Each and every corner of the school keeps a dirty little secret of mine! Hahaha. Do you suppose I was a saint back then? Put such decent thoughts away :)

Anyway, have I told you that I'm planning to go back here and teach once I have graduated? Yup. Wishing to do so. But the school looks so much better now, and I'm afraid it might also mean that it's going to be a little more difficult for me now to get placement here. Oh, I can always show my outing card back then to the current headmaster, can I not? :P

Oh, one more thing! Do you know who the sweet lady in the fourth picture is? She's our most beloved cook in school! We call her 'Mbak'. I can't believe she's still working there! Can't wait to go back and give her a fat cuddle! (when the ustaz isn't looking, of course!). Isn't she adorable? She always cooked extra for us, students from the farthest part of Sabah, who would usually stay in school every time it was holiday.

Do you love your previous school as much as I do? :)

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