Woah! Wednesday!

I know, I know. Today is Sunday. And Sunday is supposed to be the 'Woah!' day. But it is not quite so when you consider the fact that Sunday is the last day before the semester is resumed. See my point? Plus, let's see if we change the title to 'Woah! Sunday!'. Erk? It doesn't sound that good, huh? It's lacking the double 'W' effect there. Okay, this is getting ridiculously stupid. Feeble and dying argument! But, (there is always a big BUT!) what makes Wednesday a glorious day is because of two things:

American Idol Season 9 and Glee!

My, my! Where do I start? Shall we talk about American Idol first? Okay, so it is official now the top 24 contestants will be battling it out and kick off the season 9 starting next week! I'm so over the roof now! After three grueling weeks of audition (remember that hippie song 'Pants on the Ground'? and that poor dude trying to slide and his pants were totally ruined? Kara was acting innocent and saying 'Wow! I can't see that now!" Hahaha), emotional cut from hundred something to 72, 42 and eventually the semi-final 24! I was a bit dejected when a few of my favorite contestants didn't make it, but life has got to move on! (Me or the contestants?).

So here are my five favorite contestants for American Idol Season 9:

1- Aaron Kelly
2-Ashley Rodriguez
3-John Park
4-Katie Stevens
5-Casey James

So, who have you got? :) Let the show begin! (and the assignments pending...)

Right after American Idol, I'm not going to move my butt even an inch away from the TV because it's Glee time, folks! Oh, I just love this show! This is the new comedy-TV series which has already bagged so many awards, including the prestigious Academy Award! Well, if you watch the series, then you will have an idea (or two) why! It is so frigging entertaining! (Assignments? Never heard of them!) It's part musical, folks! And, no! It's nothing like High School Musical! (Are there any real human beings with fully-functioning brain who actually watch THAT?!). Just to give you a bit picture of what it really is, imagine playing football while dancing to the song "Single Ladies (Put the Ring on It)"? And these people are studs! Just genius! Hahaha.

Well, it would be endless once I have spoken about 'Woah! Wednesday!', so I better stop here! Just a little reminder, though. Now that you have been warned about my packed Wednesday schedule (the word 'schedule' makes me feel less guilty), do not ask me out on Wednesday! I won't be entertaining such idea :)

I love Wednesdays, don't you? :)

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