New Record Set


6 hours.

That's the time it took me to finish this thrilling masterpiece from Sidney Sheldon, and thus it sets my new personal record for the fastest time it takes me to finish reading a single novel. Previous record was held by Stephanie Mayer's over-hyped novel, 'Twilight'. Twilight took me almost three days, with intervals in between. I know some of you might be sneering at this, because you probably have done reading a novel at much quicker pace than me! Alas, I'm a kind of reader who is so meticulous with every word written on every single page. The side effect of my proof-reading job I used to do :)

But this one? 6 hours non-stop reading from 12am-6am. The first 5 hours took place at McDonald section 18 (thanks to medium-sized spicy chicken McDeluxe, an apple pie, french fries and one time-refilled coke), and the remaining one hour of intense reading took place at my place here in section 17.

Well, I don't suppose there is a necessity for me to talk about the book, for everyone knows who Sidney Sheldon is. When you literally can't put the book down, anxiously flipping the pages while beads of sweats trickling down your forehead for you can't stand the curiosity in you and the storyline is getting more complicated, twisted, thrilling yet appealing and finally revealing an altogether upside down ending, you know right away you're holding one of the many masterpieces of the master of the unexpected.

Oh, and I take pride in telling you folks that I managed to single out the rascal in the story when I was barely reading half-way! Not bad for 1st time reader of Sidney Sheldon, huh? :)

Special Thanks to Yet for lending me the book! I'm surely gonna get one myself for my collection!

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