Dear Readers,


Meet Michelle.

Just in case you're wondering, the lad in the button-down, pastel pink shirt, right in the middle is not named Michelle. Neither is the girl wearing the whitish, pasty pink scarf. Yup! She's the one with light blue top and that vivid pink cardigan. Okay, that's a lot of pink to remember, I know. But just in case you are thinking that we had all this planned, hell to no! It was eerily coincident. We walked into the Sociolinguistic class one day all clueless and the moment we saw each other we were like "WTF?!". Hahahaha.

And this is one of the many memories I'm gonna miss now that Michelle has departed to Korea.

Michelle that I know has been going on and on and on about going to Korea as long as I've known her, and after what had happened to her previously (I'm talking about being denied to fly to Korea), I can't help but to feel genuinely happy now that she has achieved this one dream.

Michelle is a witty girl with metal heart. She is a friend to giggle with and a shoulder to cry on. She never lets anything knock her down and every "No" will only make her come back even stronger. She holds on to the conviction that stands dear to her heart and doesn't falter when things don't go her way. Her brilliance is one gift to envy, and she makes you only want to do just the same, if not better. She works the hardest and wants the most. And for these very reasons, she deserves this more than anyone else does.

To Michelle, I know you can't get access to my blog at the moment because you're most likely still on your plane to Korea, but I just want to let you know that you are one special girl and I am proud to be your friend. Now that you've achieved this one particular dream, I just want you to make the most of your time there! Just cherish every second and have fun! It's hard to go through a semester without you, but we will work it out! It's barely few hours after I saw you off at the airport and I am already missing you! But remember what I wrote at the back of that small card?

"Come back in one piece!" :)

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Farzen Master said...

Way to go Michelle!!

Say hello to Korea(the girls there) for me! XD

See u soon.

p/s: I hope u don't mind me addressing Michelle here, Aziz. lol

Aziz said...

Wish away, syeikh. Wish away =)