Amy 'Giggle' Tan


Ta-ra! Obviously, this is the novel I'm currently sticking my eyes out for! I don't know if you have ever heard the name of the author? But notice the small print beneath the gigantic Amy Tan that goes 'Author of The Joy Luck Club'? That particular book of hers is indeed a joy to read! And that's one of the drives for me to snatch yet another novel of hers! So far, this book has successfully drawn many disapproving looks from various curious people who saw me giggling alone while reading this book! Oh, I still remember that poor Indian lady who was sitting next to me on a train last Sunday! She kept glancing sideway to see what's so WTFly tickling about the book I temporarily thought she was going to snatch it away from my grip and fling it out of the window (if possible!), or maybe reaching into her handbag and stuff a mouthful of ladoo down my throat to stop me from laughing so peskily! But seriously, folks! How many writers out there who can actually hit a punchline with intelligence? I'm flattered to say I have met one! And who can blame me for getting all buoyed? :)

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