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At the end of last semester, I got some money, thanks to thesis translation that I did. It wasn't that much, but when you have been fed by your parents all your lives, having earned a penny on your own is really something. So yes, at that time I felt so cockily proud knowing that I earned it by squeezing my own brain.

With that being said, I really wanted to buy something cool that when I looked at it, it would remind me of this rare accomplishment of making my own money! So the next day, when I was at the airport, waiting for my flight home, I legged into this small book shop in LCCT, and I saw "Twilight". I had heard about it before, but didn't give much thought and interest because I thought this twilight stuff was overhyped, and nothing more than just a desperate attempt to dethrone Harry Potter from my All-Time Best Series Book.

But I bought it, anyway.

And it ended up to be one of the quickest novels I have ever read up to this moment. I suppose it was barely three days when I finished reading the novel and I regretted I didn't purchase the second book "New Moon". I remember I purposely slow-read the novel because I did not want to finish it so quickly and be bored to death for having nothing else to read for the remaining of the holiday. But the other part of me was in a rush to know the ending, so yes, I had to finish it and I vowed to myself I would purchase "New Moon" the next second after I got my next scholarship.

The problem with vow is, it is so fragile and easily broken.

The film adaptation of "New Moon" is set to be released by the end of this month and I still haven't bought it! And oh, I have this one odd principle that I will not watch any films adapted from novels until I have finished reading the scripted versions. So I am now in desperate attempt to apply for financial loan from my parents to purchase "New Moon". And no, it doesn't help my childish impatience to tone down a little when I saw these alluring pictures just now!

If by any chance, my financial loan is not approved, anyone generous out there?

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I know you have always loved him, Fitriah!
Drool away!