a Farmer, Miss X and an Hideous Monster

Many moons ago, while I was trapped in the middle of the night working on my farm in Farmville, my then-phone (before it was stolen) rang. I washed my hand, put down the shovel I had been shouldering and picked up the phone. Oh, the beads of sweats trickling down my face!

It was Miss X, my friend from my old school. She told me the reason she was calling me was to say "Hi" and after she said "Hi" she didn't straight away put the phone down. So, obviously she had not been 105 percent frank with me. So I waited a little bit longer before she spilled the carrots.

Miss X told me that she was annoyed. So I asked what inflicted the annoyance. Then she said she had been trying to get in touch with this male friend of ours back in school, who was studying in one of the local universities. The relationship between Miss X and this guy was not more than just a buddy because I knew Miss X had a huge crush on another guy. But out of being thoughtful as a friend, she tried to keep in touch with this guy.

Miss X tried every little thing. She called this guy, but it was left unanswered. She texted him, but surprise, surprise, he didn't reply. Then she called a farmer who was so busy planting stuff and the farmer, though he was a little bit weary at that point, picked the phone up. She then started a-son-of-a-bxxxx-ing and motherfxxx-ing under the sun, but I kept listening attentively. Miss X said, her irritation was further compounded when she called this guy using another unfamiliar number that she secretly had to make prank calls, and surprise, surprise, the guy picked up the phone, and it was her turn to smash the phone down.

At this point, she was on the verge of tears. She told me, a poor farmer of course, that how could a friend of ours do such a thing to her when they were once such a kick-ass buddy and stuff. I listened to her moans and rants and when she said she wanted to keep pestering this guy to answer the phone and confront him, that was the point when I couldn't remain silent and I told her to shut the hell up and it was my turn to speak.

"Don't sink that low. Don't beg," I said.

And I figuratively and literally meant every word. And once I started speaking, that was the moment when she knew she could do absolutely nothing to stop me. We conversed until 5am in the morning. I told her that she had done a good deed and that she would definitely be short-listed to enter heaven for trying to keep in touch with our friends back in school, but there was certainly a limit to it. She had done her part, and when the other end kept playing dumb and kept avoiding her, I told her "what's the point?".

To be honest, yes, I have experienced such thing myself. I, out of all people, value the relationship that I have with everyone I have once connected to. Whether we met on the roadside, down town, or even during short events, I will try my best to stay in touch. But I tell myself I have to be realistic. And that night, I told Miss X that she had to be realistic, too. Why being an idiot and chase for friendship that is clearly said and done? I told her that she was a beautiful curvy girl, witty and charming, and why beg for an hideous monster? And that hideous creature happened to have a cheek and acting like a Prince Charming? Big OMG! That's simply gross.

Principally, I am a firm believer in the fact that friends are not meant to be forgotten. Unless there is a strong foundation to it. I still have friends from my childhood, kindergarten, primary school, my 1st secondary school, 2nd secondary school, pre-degree, now in degree, friends I met during competitions, in toilet cubicles, near the dustbin and the list goes on and on. And yes, it doesn't hurt a little ounce to lose "so-called" friend who acts superior and thinks the world only for himself/herself. Actually, ditching this type of moron saves your brain from permanent damage. It's scientifically proven, too.

Owh, I have ranted a little bit too much. Time to go back farming. Where did I put the shovel just now?

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