Still Waters


Still waters - Maksim

Water. Apparently one of the most commonly used and heard words.

It's an element. It's a liquid. And it flows, endlessly.

Be it from the biggest or the smallest ocean, water flows without ending -- without hesitation. Be it from the longest or the shortest river, water flows without stopping -- without obstruction. Be it from the deepest or the shallowest lake, water runs free without halting -- without impediment. And be it from the highest or the lowest waterfall, water keeps moving, without hindrance.

Plain to see, God has formed water with this wonderful nature -- that it flows no matter what. Water flows even when you consign this huge black stone in the middle of the stream to halt it. Water flows even when you have a colossal iceberg in the heart of the deepest ocean. Enough to say, dearest, that no amount of solid entities that can stop it. And it is merely not is nature to be still.

But what happens if, under the most unlikely circumstances, water is still?

That would be the day the oceans let go of its beauty. No lovebirds would be holding hands while strolling along the shore, letting the wave crash on their feet. Rivers would no longer wash away your sadness with its soothing flowing sound and lakes would be a dismal sight to behold. And there would be no waterfall heard crashing against the rocks, for the basis is apparent.

And dearest, it does not offer any consolation all the same, knowing that still water reflects your image on its motionless surface. Just like mirror, still water is an objective element. The day you are sad, still water reflects nothing but your sorrow. The day you are well contented, still water reflects your happiness. In short, being transparent entity that it is, still water tells you the truth, whether you favor it or otherwise.

Alas, what it doesn't reflect is the suppressed things that are kept under its tranquility. It may look serene and without harm on the surface, but God has proven to us time and time again, that even the tranquil ocean, has its savage moment. And when it doesn't flow, that simply means it keeps everything to itself, together with the yet unveiled secrecy.

That's love.

Just like water, God has created love as a feeling like no others. It flows without stopping. Love flows even when you manipulate your highest degree of vocabulary to deny it. Love flows beyond disapproval. Love flows and prevails through spring, summer, winter or fall. Love remains there in a little special box of your heart, even if you run to the farthest corner of this universe. Love isn't afraid of death. So often we behold during funerals that nothing triumphs over love -- nothing. Not even the terminal diseases. Not even the solid ground. Just like water, no amount of solid substance strong enough to halt it.

So what happens if this God-given nature of love is gone against?

That would be the day love cedes its mojo. Humans would be deaf to the sight of happiness and blind to the sound of hope and bliss, for love is the only reason that prevails despite the difference in faith, color and race that has long separated us. The more we leave it unspoken, we bear nothing more punishing but unending grief and suffering. We might suppose that by keeping it all inside, love will remain unseen. Dearest, how wrong we have been. Just like still water, love that has been forbade for any reason will betray our artificial facade. No amount of forged smile can mask that sorrow.

Alas, if love still has to be kept unspoken, or halted, the price we've got to pay is conspicuous.

Or else, dearest, just let it flow.

Just let if flow endlessly, akin to its nature and the way God has always favored it to be.

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