I should have made her my subject for my Thought Paper the other day. Classic example of Manglish! It's just that I happen to love this song and her drop-dead-and-one-of-a-kind smoky voice.

Maybe I should have just as well interviewed my TESL buddies. We (well, maybe some of us) talk this way every day. Bad news for teaching world, huh? Tough Luck, then.

p/s: When Safwan told me that she is a Malaysian, I could not believe my ears. Why is it the good ones we have always first discovered by westerners? Have we been that audibly impaired?

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fitriah said...

i love her too! but i love yuna more. :)

Aziz said...

Although they seem to have gotten almost similar style, but they are kind of different.

So I love them both! =)

fitriah said...

oh btw, i've linked u :)

Aziz said...

Thanks a lot! =)
I'll link you, too!