Blind Faith

Today, while discussing Comtemporary Literature, Michelle and I talked about the dispute over temple construction in Section 24, Shah Alam. And later, while my housemates and I were on our way back from KL, We again talked about it.

It just got to me the reaction of Muslim community in that particular place pertaining to the idea of having temple around there. So much for 1Malaysia. I obtained my secondary education in SMK Agama, and yet I never knew that having a temple built around your neighborhood would jeopardize your faith.

Back in my school, there was a mosque nearby, and next to it was a temple. Few meters ahead, you could find a church. And during my stay there, I had never seen people of different religions showing the middle finger to each other.

What they did show to each other was called Reverence. Mutual Reverence.

Surely the word Reverence has more that four letters and does not start with F and end with K. No?

Happy 1Malaysia, everyone!

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Fits said...

hear2!!! hehe

Aziz said...

What did you hear, fit?