Three Nerds and a Daughter of a Virgin

I had been meaning to write this since the day I landed back on this assignmentful soil of Shah Alam after Eid break, but had not gotten the time until now.

Now I'm writing it.

Hopping into the planes has been an offhand affair for me. But it never fails to amuse me once I am on it. Partly because I love to observe people around me. Take note, mates. I love to observe people. (You better behave from this moment on).

Anyway, so last Sunday, I was on another flight schedule to go back to Shah Alam after a wondrous raya. After been delayed for almost an hour, (thank God it was only delayed because 3 MAS flights had been canceled prior to mine), we finally boarded the plane. I took my seat. 16C. When everyone seemed to have comfortably settled, I noticed that the two seats to my left, 16A and 16B were still unoccupied. Since I was having my seat next to the middle passage of the plane, I couldn't settle in yet like everyone else because I had to stand up again and make way to whoever these two anonymous might be to slide in and sit next to me.

Then two Mat Salleh came.

A guy with black hair, cute puppy eyes and rather good looking. A slender girl with blonde hair (she wasn't stupid) and kind of cute, too. From their conversation, I was sure that these two were German. I made way for them to slide in to their seats and finally I could settle in, too.

Now here is the oddest and funniest part.

As soon as we three had settled in, as if we had planned this earlier, the three of us leaned forward in unison, rummaging into our sling bags, took out a book and started to read! Hahaha. Even the poor lady sitting next to me on my right (we were separated by the middle passage of the plane) had to turn her head and looked at us in big puzzlement. (She turned out to have nothing to do the for the rest of the flight. Even when I wiped my glasses later on, she scrutinized me with deep interest and sparkles in her eyes as if I was doing a little magic she had never seen!).

I have come to make putting at least a book in my ancient sling bag a habit because you never know when times would call for it to save a numbing day. And that day, the book that happened to be inside my bag was "Never Let Me Go". Haha. Mind you, I finished reading that book just in time before they dimmed the light for landing. The Mat Salleh guy was reading a book which part of the title was "Piper" and the girl was reading something I could not make out neither the title nor the content. Three faces buried into three different books. Three nerds officially immersed in their own confined written world.

It seemed to be a pleasant flight all along until one incident occurred.

Now the flight had safely landed. Everyone popped out from their seats and started yanking their stuff and disembarked. Out of nowhere, a fat free-hair girl, in her early 20s, came rushing to my side and roughly opened the overhead compartment above me. She tugged her stuff out of the crammed compartment and looking so disheveled. Could a girl have PMS on flight? She surely looked fit in that category and could be excused. But what could not be excused was the moment she threw the Mat Salleh's expensive camera that he had put in the compartment above onto his lap and walked away!

You should have seen the guy's cute puppy eyes growing in disbelief.

That rude little daughter of a virgin! I was so ashamed the way she had behaved towards that Mat Salleh. To make it up, I tried to ask him what the girl had done (as if I had not seen it myself) and if the camera was damaged and what not. Then I heard the guy talking to his girlfriend muttering "Malaysian" under his breath.

What a tragic ending to my pleasant flight.
That insolent Malay girl severely needs a manner lesson. Or maybe a bitch slap.

I'll decide which one will do her a damage for good.

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