Konversasi Mukabuku


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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Can I choose to agree? What's the purpose of 'borrow-ing' some words from other language when we already have one. Status conscious?

Anonymous said...

Seconder here. It's rather contradictory to the 'memartabatkan bahasa' thingy, isn't it?

Aziz said...

Im: You most definitely can ;) Exactly. Unless we start treating our own language with unwavering pride, there's nothing good enough to lift it higher (though I've been using English mostly in my writing. Well, who can blame a TESLian for that?).

V: Well said! It's totally contradictory. It's like the inventor of our national car driving around in a Merz while promoting his new invention.
Of course I'm saying this for the sake of conversation. Hope I won't get sued. Haha! :D