I was extremely exhausted, famished, physically drained and full of rage yesterday when I received a text message. I restrained the urge to hurl the phone at people passing by before me. Honestly, I was in one of my moods yesterday, all credit to one numbskull who really made me lose my cool. 

But I took up the phone instead, heaved heavily in an attempt to regain composure before I read on.

"Greetings and Assalamualaikum sir," The message began. 
"Hazmi here wishing u happy ramadhan and happy eid soon. A week after raya i'm gonna seat (sit) for spm trial. Wish me luck sir :D"

"W'salam. Here comes my brilliant boy =)", I found my fingers typing enthusiastically. 
"What a pleasant surprise this is! Thank you for the wonderful thought, Hazmi. I am beyond happy that you still remember me. My prayers are always with you. You'll do great in SPM. Please let me know how you're doing in life by constantly keeping in touch =)"

"Alrite sir, no worries :D", he replied.

And just like that, the broken me was immediately fixed.

I remember that at this point of time last year, I was an English teacher trainee at SM Teknik Klang, desperate to blend in and trying hard to impress. That's how I met Hazmi. He was one of my 4PEE1 students. In fact, I remember him so well because he was the brightest in his class when English was concerned. There was one time when I was so flared up because the entire class did not complete the task that I had assigned them to do. 

Except for him.

I must say, he literally, and single-handedly, saved the rest of the class that day from my could-have-been-explosive wrath. And come to think of it, it's no surprise that on the day when nothing seemed right for me and when I was on the verge of faltering, he came to the rescue like a superman in his own version, turned everything upside down (in a good way, of course) and gave me a reason to smile for the rest of the day.

For this very reason, I pray that God will give you million reasons to smile in return, boy. Million reasons to smile in life, beyond your academic concern. This old (at heart) Sir of yours is so proud of you.

Before I wrap up, here's a little game. Can you single him out from the farewell photo below?

Yup. He's the lad with that proud face, chin up and that visible 'High End' label on his shirt :)

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v said...

You're one justification of a teacher who does not only teach but also touch (change lives) :)

safwan said...

mari kita buat parti liar dengan dia. haha

Aziz said...

V: That's one huge compliment I dare not say I deserve, but I embrace it all the same. I truly hope I can keep my kids spirited and inspired =)

Safwan: Good idea! Haha!