That's What Friends are For

The following conversation took place via text-messaging service.

Friend: Thanks B-).. u know what, im glad to have someone like u to share my probs. U've been a good listener/motivator.

Me: Tell me something new. Haha. That's nothing, really. It's just I would love to see us head to the places we have always wanted to be at, and do the things we have always dreamed of. And probably, meet again one day, all grown-up and get so say to each other "We did it." :D

Friend: Haa, ak suka cara ko bfikir.. don't worry, we'll do that in the future.. insyaAllah

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Iliana said...

exactly! it's always awesome to be able to say, "we've been there, done that." *grin* together, with your buddy. :D

handhalah ibnu kamil said...

peh !
rindu ko ziz ! hahaha

Aziz said...

Iliana: It is, indeed.
Particularly if they are you thick and thin friends. Nothing compares :)

Abu: And I miss you even more.
And this isn't a rhetoric statement.
I mean it, each and every word :)

handhalah ibnu kamil said...

:) . sama . dah posting ka ziz ? atau menganggur di tawau? hehehe .

aku tgh menikmati hidup sebgai guru praktikal . :)

Aziz said...

Haha. I won't call is as 'Menganggur'.
I'm just relishing my much deserved holiday. Hehe!
Guru practical? Wow. How is it, so far?
Hope you've been enjoying your stint =)