Goodbye, Borders

It's ironic that Borders got its start as one of those little community shops, selling used books 40 years ago in a Michigan college town. Critics say it faltered, in part, because management moved too slowly to adapt to the reigning digital age.

I suppose you could say the same about me.

I understand the attraction of Nooks and Kindles, of clicking through book excerpts online and tapping pages on touch screen iPads.

But nothing beats holding a book in my hands; skimming it, smelling it, flipping the pages, hearing the author's voice in my head. It's that process of discovery, not the product, that makes partners among loyal book lovers and buyers.

I can't help but fear that the failure of a giant outlet like Borders signals the end of a precious era — when satisfying literary lust was both a private pleasure and public endeavor.

Sandy Banks, The Sad Evolution of a Major Bookstore Chain, Los Angeles Times

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Shame on your Ibrahim for downloadingb pirated ebooks, and read on your Kindle! haha

Aziz said...

Gulp. I am so sorry, Ibrahim.
This was not meant to offend anyone.
I might have Kindle too in the future. Just to have the best of both worlds =)