I Know This Might be a Little Too Late

But heck! I'm telling the world anyway that I have completed my 140-page thesis!

So it's official now that I have also completed my half a decade study.
Will be going back to Sabah on Wednesday. It's kind of sad, though.
I've been so used to packing up with this thought at the back of my mind "I'll come back next semester".
No more next semester for me. So I'll just brave through the huge world out there.

p/s: Now that I have completed everything, I will try to blog as frequent as I used to.

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Ms. Z said...

^___^ tahniah ziz!!!!

Grammar School said...

Thank you, Zue :)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

2 People May Think Otherwise -- You'll come back for your Convo, no worries alright.