Of Boredom and Burnout

Blogging live from McDonald Section 23, Shah Alam!

Mimie without her glasses. I am not certain if she can actually see! She has had a small portion of French fries, an apple pie and a medium-sized coke. Nope, she hasn't finished revising. Haha!

Hello, everyone. This is Hidayati Abdullah. And this is her feeble and laughable attempt to go unrecognizable. Delusional, if you ask me.

That's actually a mosquito bite on my cheek. What pimple?!

Izzatul is looking outside the window, secretly wishing that a blue fairy would come and assist her in comprehending the endless slides. Like Hidayati, she is delusional, too.

We are supposed to be revising on CALL for our test tomorrow, but as you can see, taking pictures is a hell lot more fun than reading slides!

Dear God, bless our overworked brains and lazy souls. Amen.

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Izza Hana said...

i would rather wish the Blue fairy to come and take me to K-Box

Aziz said...

Dream on! Haha!