Malaysians Speak Good English!

It's a proud day for us Malaysians!

EF (Education First) English Proficiency Index has issued its 2011 report for English proficiency level for non-native countries. Overall, Malaysia is ranked 9th with EF EPI score (whatever this means) is 55.54 and our overall level is 'High Proficiency'. There are no Asian countries ranked ahead of us, thus it makes Malaysia as the leading Asian country in English proficiency for non-native countries!

Below is the top 10 non-native countries with the highest English proficiency level:

1. Norway
2. Netherlands
3. Denmark
4. Sweden
5. Finland
6. Austria
7. Belgium
8. Germany
9. Malaysia

The lowest English proficiency level among Asian countries is Thailand, followed by Indonesia. The full report can be viewed here in Education First official website.

Give yourself a pat at your back, Malaysians!

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